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Programs and Classes

2-3 Year Old Early learner Class

With each of our classrooms we place emphasis on the fruit of the spirt. for both young and old there is a experience. Our two and three year old student practice Kindness and caring. Being kind to our friends and showing respect for one another. Caring for our friends and  classroom. The same two fruits can and should be displayed and shown in all areas of life as they grow.

​4-5-Year Old Preschool Class

Our students in this class experience the fruit of Joy.  How to experience joy through daily interaction and play. How to be kind and respect others.

Transitional Kindergarten Class

Daily Learning concepts preparing our students for traditional classroom settings. This class experience Peace, children learn how to find peace amongst others. Peace is a state of being,  and a great way to display all the aspects of the Fruit of the spirit.

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